Mohawk Bison: Bringing Bison to the Litchfield Hills


When someone from Mohawk Bison reached out to us, we were like “There’s bison in Connecticut?” We had no idea; but when we arrived to the farm, there they were, a big ‘ol herd of bison hanging out in Goshen, CT. Cool, right?

Meet Peter Fay. He began raising bison on his family’s former dairy farm in 2007; and what started out as an interesting hobby is blossoming into a busy business. When it comes to raising these enormous creatures, Peter’s philosophy is simple – let ’em do what they do. They roam 60 acres of open pastures, eat grass and hay, and are not subjected to questionable hormones or drugs. Frankly, we don’t think they’d let you tell them what to do. Bison are still on the wild side and, yeah, they are kinda intimidating.

While we only show happy bison chilling on the farm and doing what they do, if you’re a vegetarian this may not be the video for you. It’s OK. We get it. It’s never easy to produce a video about animals that are raised for meat. It’s hard to reconcile seeing these creatures alive and well, knowing they will end up as dinner. However, we think if you eat meat (like we do) it’s important to connect the meat on your plates with the living, breathing animals on the farm. We appreciate their awesomeness and the sacrifice.

We hope you enjoy our first official Local Food Rocks video.

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  1. Very cool! I love that the guy is a fourth-generation family farmer…. I'm going to share this article with my husband.

  2. Bison in CT? Who knew?

  3. I live in Litchfield county and didn't know of this-thank you for posting! Your videos are first class professional quality videos.

  4. Peter is a super nice guy. If you are ever up that way totally stop by the farm.

  5. I think if I went to visit animals that I ate I would become a vegetarian. I still have issues with egfs from the time we watched baby chicks hatch from their eggs in kindegarten :-/

  6. Totally understandable!

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