Enchilada Suizas


This week was kind of exciting in our household. We finally decided it was time to break out some of our homegrown, homemade tomatillo sauce and make our favorite Mexican dish: Enchilada Suizas.

I made the sauce back in August with tomatillos, cilantro, onions and a spicy black Hungarian pepper from our garden along with some amazing garlic from our farmer friend Bill Duesing. Into the freezer it went just waiting to give us a burst of summer flavor when we needed it most.
So, to get the sauce ready for our enchiladas, all I had to do was reheat it on the stove and stir in a heaping spoonful of sour cream. Then, I poached two organic pastured-raised chicken breasts (on the bone) with half an onion, bay leaf, whole coriander, whole cumin, black pepper, a pinch of salt and two whole cloves of garlic. When the meat was fully cooked, I shredded it and rolled it into 6 heated corn tortillas.
Then, I put it all together. I spooned in some of the tomatillo sauce into the bottom of an 8 x 8 baking dish, laid in the stuffed tortillas, spooned more sauce over the top and popped that into a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes.
To finish it off I topped each serving with a little more sauce, sliced raw onions and some queso fresco.
It was so good if I do say so myself! It was as close as I think I could get to the flavor of the enchilada suizas at my favorite local Mexican restaurant (Panchos Tacos).
FYI: I didn’t use a recipe for this dinner, but in case you’re interested I found a recipe on Epicurious that looks close to the way I made this meal.
Photos by Renato Ghio

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  1. Mouth watering! You two are a power house – good cooks, great food photographers. And great authentic Enchiladas that would make even Rick Bayless proud!

    Can I come over for dinner? 🙂

  2. Aww, shucks! Thanks for such a nice compliment. You can come over for dinner anytime 🙂

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