Swiss Chard & Chorizo Soup


I have been on a chorizo kick lately. The spicier the better! This soup came together in a flash and it’s truly the chorizo that makes it so good.

In a nutshell: In a pot over medium heat I added some extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic and chopped onion. When the onion became slightly translucent I added the diced chorizo to brown. Next I tossed in diced potatoes, mixed it around and let it all hang out. When the potatoes were lightly browned I poured in half a Guinness and let it reduce. Then added in about 6 cups of broth, seasoned with salt, black pepper and a pinch or two of ground cumin. I put on the lid and let it come up to a boil. Once it was at a boil I stirred in chopped Swiss chard. (I normally do a version of this soup with kale, but the Swiss chard was a good substitute.) As soon as the Swiss chard was wilted I served it up with a touch of grated Manchengo cheese on top.
Mmmmm … Spicy, smoky goodness in a bowl.

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  1. That sounds reaaaaaaallllly good. 🙂 Chorizo makes all things better. It's like bacon in that way, I guess. If I just lost an arm and I had chorizo after that, I'd still be happy.

  2. I definitely classify chorizo right up there with bacon!

  3. We made this tonight and it came out great.

  4. We used the following..
    1 large onion
    6 pressed garlic cloves
    4 chorizo sausage links
    1 lb new potato
    half can of a porter beer
    16 cups of Chicken Broth
    salt / pepper
    16 oz Crumin mushrooms
    2 bundles of white/green chard
    1 bundle of red chard

    Made approx 32 cups

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