2010 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides


I am bit behind on posting about this, but better late than never.

The Environmental Working Group has published the 2010 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides.

Just in case you’re not familiar with the Shopper’s Guide: It’s a list of the 47 most commonly eaten fruits and veggies ranked in order of their pesticide-residue contamination. The “Dirty Dozen” are the twelve most contaminated fruits and veggies. The “Clean 15” are the least contaminated.

Since last year’s edition there have been a few notable changes to the Dirty Dozen: Celery now tops the list, with Peaches dropping to second place. Now in the Dirty Dozen: Blueberries, Spinach and Potatoes. Dropping out of the Dirty Dozen: Lettuce, Carrots, Pear.

There have also been a few changes to the Clean 15.
For the full 2010 list click here. NOTE: They haven’t updated the iPhone app yet, but it’s coming soon.

I say buy organic whenever possible. It goes beyond reducing personal exposure to pesticide. Pesticides negatively impact water quality, soil, and wildlife. But if you can’t afford to go all organic, at least you can choose to go organic on the Dirty Dozen and ease up when it comes to the Clean 15. It’s all about making informed decisions.

For a great series of posts examining the items in the Dirty Dozen, check out the Organic Nation blog.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the list 🙂 Interesting, I was just reading about the effects of using too many pesticides in the sense of plants becoming disease-resistant (posted on my blog actually) and this gives me even more to think about. I feel fortunate that my local CSA farm is organic, using non-pesticide methods and companion planting instead. As you say, it goes beyond reducing personal exposure also into what impact it has on the soil, water, and other parts of the ecosystem.

  2. Just read your post about the "superweeds". I don't think we have even fully begun to comprehend the negative effects of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, etc. I am thankful we have so many organic farms around our area.

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