Who Can Resist A Talking Pepper?


Loved this promo on our Connecticut NBC affiliate! Check it out: “Buy Local Be Green“.

Hopefully it catches people’s eyes and they’ll want to know more. I mean, who could resist talking bell peppers? Not me.

On the website there are fun facts about the benefits of buying local and there is also a place to “pledge” to buy local. The website isn’t particularly thorough, but it’s a start. One quick suggestion: Links to where folks can find/buy local food would be helpful.

Still, very cool.

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  1. I love the peppers. They're cute – yet, significantly, not that fresh looking – and the spot is funny and to the point.

    But I think you're absolutely right. Links to local food sources and resources would be helpful!

    Actually, the whole website feels a little non-local and I'm not wild about some of the jargon (and the passive voice!) in the "Did you know?" bubbles . . .

    I was thinking about this post when I read MangoChild's thoughts on films.


    There's a bit a of a paradox when mass media meets local food. Not that it's not useful, just that someone's got to make the effort to edit, adapt, explain and make the media relevant for the local audience.

  2. I agree. It was probably an NBC "corporate thing." It should be tailored for each region and provide more actual local resources.

    I also read MangoChild's post. It was an interesting perspective that I never really thought about. I think films/video/mass media can play a an important role. Of course, that may be my bias since I do video production for a living.

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