3 Healthy Snack Ideas For Summer and Beyond


A few healthy snack ideas that are perfect for when you’re on the move, at the office, or just enjoying time with friends.

Disclosure: I received a box of Wholesome Pantry snacks from ShopRite to facilitate this post. I received no other compensation and the opinions contained herein are my own and reflect my experience with the products. Your own may differ.

Wholesome Pantry dried fruit and nuts are balanced late afternoon desk snack. | Local Food Rocks

This summer was especially jam-packed with activity both of the work and social variety. I don’t know about you, but when I’m running around a lot, my eating habits take a nosedive, especially when it comes to snacking. Just because summer activities are winding down, doesn’t mean my schedule is slowing down any time soon. That’s why I’m sharing a few healthy snack ideas perfect for when you’re on the move, at the office, or just enjoying time with friends.

Like I’ve said before, I’m not going to deny myself a snack, but I know some snacks are better than others. I try to stock up on healthier options and pay attention to portion control when it’s something more indulgent.

Wholesome Pantry fruit and nut bars and granola are the perfect snack for outdoor activities. | Local Food Rocks.

On The Move: Fruit, Nut and Granola Bars

Fruit and nut bars, as well as granola bars, are good go-to snacks that are easy to pack and eat, especially when enjoying outdoor activities. There’s no fuss, no mess, and quite frankly they can take a beating in your backpack during a hike or bike excursion. They are a quick snack to give you an energy boost to get you through the rest of your outdoor journey.

Bars are also perfect when you’re strapped for time and just need to eat something between meetings to stave off hunger pangs. No one wants to see me when I’m hangry. Yes, you shouldn’t eat and drive, but well, we all have done it. At least bars are a good one-handed kind of snack.

Both the Wholesome Pantry Maple Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt Granola Square and Oats and Honey Granola Square had a great texture that was chewy and crispy at the same time.  I always like the combo of cranberries and almonds so the Wholesome Pantry Cranberry Almond Fruit and Nut Bar was totally up my alley.

For homemade bar ideas, check out my recipe for No-Bake Almond Butter Pecan Energy Bars or for my Crunchy Protein Bites.

The organic dried mango slices from Wholesome Pantry don't have added sugar or preservatives. | Local Food Rocks

In The Office: Raw Nuts and Dried Fruit

Raw nuts, like Wholesome Pantry organic Raw Cashews, are a great snack option because they can last a long time in your desk drawer and offer a great combo of protein and healthy fat. Add some dried fruit to that handful of nuts and you’ve got yourself a balanced snack. Dried fruit can satisfy a late-afternoon sweet craving while tiding you over with filling fiber. I’m high maintenance when it comes to dried fruit. I don’t buy dried fruit that has added sugar, funky chemicals, or preservatives. All I want is the dried piece of fruit. The organic dried mango slices from Wholesome Pantry are exactly what I want. P.S. Cashews and mango are a tasty combination to munch on.

Wholesome Pantry Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips are balance of salty and sweet and can handle a hearty salsa.| Local Food Rocks

At A Get-Together: Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

Okay, chips are my total snack weakness! Dip or salsa is an added bonus. The Wholesome Pantry Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips are pretty decent as far as chips go – relatively low sugar and low sodium.  This is a snack where I focus more on portion control. They are a lovely salty and slightly sweet combination. And, let me tell you, they can hold their own against a pretty hearty salsa. I paired them with an incredible end-of-summer salsa – get the recipe here: https://localfoodrocks.com/spicy-blueberry-corn-and-avocado-salsa/.

As a side note, I’m also a fan of the Wholesome Pantry Organic Crushed Pepper and Truffle Oil Popcorn. It’s great for movie night.

Wholesome Pantry items are free from 110 preservatives, additives, or colors and they have a bunch of USDA certified organic goods too. You can learn more about it on their website: https://www.shoprite.com/wholesomepantry/.

What are your healthy snack ideas for busy days?

Photos by Renato Ghio

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