Le Coupe Gives Baked Goods A Professional Edge

Le Coupe Pro

Perfectly square brownies and bar cookies evade me. I try really hard, but I just tend to cut things askew. Squares are a bit more rectangular, and not every piece comes out the same size. Sometimes I feel the more I focus on cutting things perfectly, the more slanted they tend to come out. Well, Le Coupé Pro, a new kitchen product created by one Connecticut entrepreneur could give the perpetually angled cutter like myself, a professional edge.

Jennie Brown wanted to bake bar cookies that not only tasted delicious but looked professional – with clean edges and a uniform size. When the serial entrepreneur couldn’t find a machine to evenly cut her baked goods, she decided to create one herself. She calls it Le Coupé Pro.

After sketching out her idea for a manually driven appliance and receiving her first patent, the former NYC advertising executive worked for several years with mechanical engineers to create prototypes. (She ditched her first engineering firm after designers insisted on using plastic components, something she didn’t want because she’s building this professional-grade cutting tool to last.) After four tries, the fifth prototype gave her the ease of use, precision, and quality she envisioned. As the founder of a Brooklyn-based interior design firm, Jennie knew a thing or two about linking form with function.

The Le Coupé Pro has a silicone-edged, patented false bottom that is virtually leak-proof, even for melted butter and liquid flavorings. No gouging out corner squares and crumbled brownies. Made with a commercial-grade aluminum baking pan with two high-torque, detachable gear handles, the Le Coupé Pro’s stainless-steel blades slice through whatever bakers create, even recipes with nuts, coconut, and chocolate. With a standard size (13×9”) baking pan, bakers end up with 40, 1.5-inch-square bars.

Jennie launched a Kickstarter campaign last week to raise $240,000 to fund the manufacturing and shipping costs for the 12-pound baking tool. She sees the Le Coupé Pro increasing efficiency and productivity for not just home bakers but also caterers, commercial bakers, and grocery bake shops. If she reaches her goal, she eventually plans to expand the line to offer additional cutting grid configurations so that baked goods can be cut into larger squares, rectangles, and other shapes, but the gear handles will be interchangeable.

Get all the details and find out all the Supporter perks on the Le Coupé Pro Kickstarter page.

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  1. I think this is a great idea – how clever of her! I noticed some delicious recipes on her FB page!

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