Freshness Is A Lock With Infinity Jars


Disclosure: We received two Infinity Jars with a total value of $50 to facilitate this review. I received no other compensation for this post and the opinions contained herein, are my own and reflect my experience with the products. Your own may differ.

When you store as much homegrown and dried herb/spice mixtures as we do, not to mention fresh-roasted coffee, maintaining that just-as-fresh-as-when-we-made-it vibe is a battle. Sunlight. Air. They are not your friends. Helping win that freshness battle is Infinity Jars.

The timing was so perfect when Infinity Jars reached out to us asking if we’d be interested in trying out their products. Immediately, I wanted to try them for fresh roasted coffee beans and spices. Those two things that are always a struggle to keep fresh over the long haul.

The Science Behind The Jars

So, yeah, these aren’t just any jars. They can actually slow down the decaying process of organic matter while maintaining the freshness of whatever you put inside. Infinity Jars block out all harmful visible light rays while selectively allowing infrared and UV-A rays. Infinity Jars’ special pigmented glass is thicker and more durable than standard glass; it is smell-proof and blocks harmful UV light. Plus, all of their jar lid systems are completely airtight. That means whatever you put in them is totally protected.  Infinity Jars actually guarantees your jar contents to be protected for over 6 months.

You can learn more about the science behind the jars and check out some cool comparisons to standard glass over on their website:

Thumbs Up

We’ve been using them for about two months solid now and I’ve got to tell you, we are pretty impressed. Ever since our buddy John opened Sacred Grounds Coffee Roaster and gave Renato his original DIY-roasting gear, we’ve kind of become coffee obsessed. This past Christmas, I gave Renato’s new hobby an upgrade and surprised him with a Genie Cafe Home Coffee Roaster from Burman Coffee Traders. Now that he can roast 250 grams at a time, let’s just say it became very important to find a primo storage option for all the home-roasted goodness.

The 1L Infinity Jar is perfect for holding about 2 batches of whole roasted beans. So, what’s the verdict? The beans in the Infinity Jar definitely maintain their freshness – scent, color, and flavor – longer than the beans stored in the regular glass and metal container sitting right next to them. And, I must say, the jars themselves look darn beautiful sitting out on the counter too.

I also put one of the 250mL Infinity Jars to the test with a batch of my hot pepper mix. Compared to the clear container I was using, the mix in the Infinity Jar not only looks more vibrant but, even weeks later, still gives me a serious waft of hot pepper scent as soon as I open the jar.

All in all, we’re really pleased with our Infinity Jars. They are definitely more expensive than standard glass jars, however, in our opinion, they are worth it for special ingredients.

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