Friday Favorite: A Few Good Knives


Of all the gadgets and kitchen tools I have accumulated over the years, nothing gets more of a workout than my knives. I have owned some crappy ones and I’ve owned some good ones. But now, I think I have finally found my knife soulmates.

Ergo Chef, a Danbury-based company, makes these really fantastic ergonomically designed knives. I became a fan a few years back when Chef Justin Kern gave me one of his Ergo Chef knives. I’m a geek so of course I now have a whole set complete with fancy professional-looking carry case. I love them all, but my everyday go-to ones are the 8-inch chef’s knife, the 3.5-inch paring knife, and the knife I never knew I needed but can’t live without … the 9-inch offset serrated knife. I also have a boning knife and carving knife, which are definitely handy, but they just don’t get as much day-to-day use.

These beauties are sharp, can take a beating from a reckless home cook like me, feel great in my hand, and cut like butter. Given the high quality, I think the price is great too.

I should point out that I have atrocious knife skills … really I do. I have been known to cut myself on many an occasion with both sharp and dull knives. Back when I did cooking demos at farmer’s markets, Renato once had to hightail it to the nearest drugstore for band aids. I attribute my recent span of slice-free fingers to my Ergo Chef knives, not to any sort of improved skill on my part. And hey, my dices and minces are looking so much better too.

There is nothing like a really good knife. It should not just be sharp but feel like an extension of your hand. All those fresh from the garden fruits and veggies don’t stand a chance with my trusty Ergo Chef knives at the ready.

Love your knives too? What ones can’t you live without?

Friday Favorites are unsolicited and unpaid. These “favorites” are just things I really like at the moment and think are worthwhile to share with you.

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  1. Thanks for the great article and thanks to Chef Justin Kern for introducing you to our family company. So very grateful. Happy Cooking!

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