Squash Hollow Farm Is The Farm Next Door


“I love to watch the hand that plants it to then be the hand that collects it and enjoys it.”

Meet Austin Martin. Thanks to love, he’s gone from surfer dude to farmer dude. And, he could not be happier.

After their birth of their son, Austin and his lovely wife moved from an apartment to a house in the country and started Squash Hollow Farm in New Milford, CT.

On this small neighborhood farm, you’ll find pigs, chickens, and dairy goats. The chickens roam on 10-acres, enjoying grass and eating as many bugs as they can. The pigs lay in the shade of apple trees, dig in the soil for grubs, and munch on weeds, garden trimmings and clover in the pasture. To supplement the pigs diet, Austin gets customized feed from a small feed store in Kent, CT. The Martins strive to give the animals the happiest life possible and enrich the land by practicing sustainable farming methods.

The thing is, they not only love being farmers, they also love to share their knowledge with the rest of us through on-farm classes and through their podcast aptly named Homesteady. In the podcast, Austin discusses farming tips and ways everyone can put food on the table whether you have acres of open land or a small urban balcony. He believes that everyone can do something and wants to help them to do it.

See more of this young, passionate farmer’s adventures at www.SquashHollowFarm.com  and to learn a thing or two, be sure to check out the Homesteady podcast at www.thisishomesteady.com.

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