Garden 2013: Tiny Miracle


I don’t want to jinx it but I have some exciting news …

Local Food Rocks: Eggplant sprouts

… two eggplant seeds have sprouted! I’m thankful for tiny miracles. Will I actually get a sturdy seedling from these tiny miracles – hopefully. Will I harvest eggplant – maybe. Fingers crossed.

So far so good for my onions, Brussels sprouts and cabbages. The sprouts are getting bigger every day. The second set of leaves are just starting to appear on the Brussels sprout and cabbages.
Local Food Rocks: Pepper seeds planted

This weekend I took the next step in my plan and started my hot and sweet peppers. Not that I want to play favorites, but I’m really hoping for a banner year in the hot pepper department.

Local Food Rocks: Seeds under the indoor grow lights

What are you most looking forward to growing this year?

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