Radish Salad


To this day I love eating raw radishes dipped in coarse salt. That’s it. Plain crunchy radishes and salt.

It all started when I was little. My dad ate radishes like that and I wanted to be grown up just like my dad. While I don’t think most children would eagerly bite into a raw radish, I on the other hand, dove in and loved it.

So, other than noshing salted radishes or adding thinly sliced radishes on top of tacos I don’t do much with this spring/early summer crop.

However, the other night I decided our grilled fish needed something. I quickly brought out the mandoline and grabbed some radishes.

I picked some fresh mint (from my “mint forest” by the patio) and then basically tossed it all together. The result was a wonderful zingy, crisp radish salad.

Photos by Renato Ghio
Radish Salad


  • 5-6 radishes, washed ,trimmed and thinly sliced
  • 1 teaspoon garlic scapes, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 Tablespoon fresh lime juice
  • 6 mint leaves, sliced into thin ribbons
  • Sea salt (to taste)
  • Pinch of fresh ground black pepper (to taste)


  1. In a medium-sized bowl add the thinly sliced radishes and garlic scape.
  2. Squeeze in the lime juice. Toss in the mint ribbons and season with pepper and salt.
  3. Toss and serve.

We spooned it over a piece of grilled mahi-mahi seasoned with garlic, chili powder, salt and pepper. It was the perfect match for the buttery, flaky fish.

I admit this recipe isn’t all that out of the ordinary, but it did get me thinking that I could certainly do more with radishes. I heard you can make a pesto out of the greens. I have yet to try that, but it sounds interesting.

Do you make anything special with radishes?

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