With A Rebel Yell … Kind Of


I’m not much of a rebel. I’m a pretty shy person that isn’t too fond of confrontation. Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of opinions on things (just ask my husband), but in general I’d rather just do what I do in my own little world. However, after listening to the TEDx talk “A Subversive Plot: How To Grow A Revolution In Your Own Backyard” by Roger Doiron, founding director of Kitchen Gardener’s International, I think I may be a rebel … well, in my own quiet way.

His talk mentioned power. When you grow your own food you have power over your diet, health and wallet. Well, in order to have that power, you are taking power away from the huge agri-business corporations and the food system they foster. This reminded me of a piece on Grist: “Occupy the Pasture” by Steph Larson. She discussed the same idea, that growing your own food takes power away from big business and puts it back into your own hands.

During WWII victory gardens accounted for up to 40% of all the produce consumed in the country. Now, backyard gardens account for 2%. I find it funny that having a vegetable garden went from something relatively commonplace to something rebellious in what’s not really a long span of time.

I guess then that my little backyard garden is kind of subversive. Who knew? Me, a rebel!

Take a break in your day to watch Roger Doiron’s TEDx talk … be a rebel!

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  1. I'm enjoying my life as a rebel very much.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's fun to be a rebel! 🙂

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