How Big A Backyard Would You Need?


How big a backyard would we need to live off the land? I’ve often wondered about this very subject. Thankfully I discovered that someone else did the math.


I certainly don’t think this infographic is 100% complete, but it’s interesting and serves as a good starting point. There are definitely other variables such as soil type and quality, not to mention climate, that play a pretty important role.

What do you think?

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  1. It's all about self-sufficiency if you consider having a backyard. It also depends on your priorities.

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  2. And here I was thinking I've seen every good infographic out there. This is useful for both homeowners and entrepreneurs who want to make a living off their backyard.

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  3. Interesting infographic. Aside from answering the big question, I also noticed in the infographic the electricity consumption of a typical American home. It shows that the 11,040 kWh per year consumption would require a rooftop space of 375 sq. ft. to install 25 solar panels that receive a full 7 hours of sunlight per day.

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