No Parking

“They paved paradise.
And put up a parking lot.”
~ Joni Mitchell

..No, wait a minute, strike that …

Over the weekend I read an article in the Danbury Patch about plans to create community gardens behind the Hispanic Center on West Street. Soon, fingers crossed, the space will be divided into approximately twenty-two plots for community members who wish to grow their own vegetables. Check out the entire article here.

The ending quote from Aloar Gontia, who will be the Coordinator and Community Organizer, says it all:

“I grew up on a farm, and we grew everything ourselves. Now my daughter doesn’t even know how to have a garden. We have to do this, we need to rely more on our own gardens because things are only going to be getting more and more expensive. We hope people will get excited about this, because eventually, we are all going to have to go back to our roots.”

Well, if it helps, this person is excited! It’s a wonderful idea and I hope if this project goes forward it will inspire other community groups to do the same.

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