Fork It Over


Two years ago Kitchen Gardeners International launched a campaign to get a garden at the White House. It worked. Well, this year they have a new campaign with a much, much bigger goal: Fork It Over! The Goal: To raise $1 Million Dollars!

The Fork It Over Campaign seeks to strengthen the global homegrown movement by raising awareness about food gardens and their many social and environmental benefits and raising funds that will allow KGI to help more people around the world to grow their own healthy food.

KGI is asking gardeners and public figures from the US, Canada and overseas to “fork over” some of their bucks and online buzz to the food garden cause. With a little bit of celebrity star power behind the goal, KGI hopes it will lend a stronger voice to the healthy garden cause.

The funds raised from Fork It Over will be used to help support and grow a bunch of activities:

  • High-impact promotional efforts like our White House garden campaign and a new campaign called Gardens Count (planned for 2012)
  • Coordination of World Kitchen Garden Day to create links and solidarity among gardeners globally
  • Development of garden “pods” for bringing food gardeners together locally
  • Partnership grants to build the capacity of small, like-minded groups in the developing world
  • Web-based educational content such as videos, forums, virtual groups reaching thousands of people every month

Can they we really raise a million dollars? Maybe, maybe not. But as they say: “Could we have a lot of fun and do a lot of good for the garden cause trying? Definitely!”

I hope you’ll show your support in whatever way you can. Give whatever you can give. Help spread the word. The more money and awareness they raise, the more they can do.

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