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I love to read about chefs that enjoy using seasonal ingredients. I guess I hope that people who read or see the interviews, will be inspired to go local and seasonal in their own kitchens.

Today I read a delightful article in the Greenwich Citizen about Chef Daniel Boulud, who is being honored at Great Chefs 2011, an annual fundraiser held by Greenwich Hospital to benefit its outreach department, Community Health.

Definitely read the full article, but here are a few highlights that I really enjoyed:

GC: “What role did growing up on a farm in Lyon play in your decision to become a chef?”

Chef Daniel: “My parents’ farm was in St. Pierre de Chandieu, a small village outside Lyon. I still dream of having a farm of my own. The food we ate at home was simple but delicious. It was what we raised or grew. You looked forward to each ingredient that was harvested in its own time, and that still totally drives the way I cook today.”

GC: “What would you say to someone who’s totally intimidated in the kitchen?”

Chef Daniel: “Start with the best ingredients you can get a hold of, at the peak of their seasonality. Choose simple recipes; ideally, dishes you can make at least partly ahead of time. Slowly simmered braised dishes are great for this. They are almost impossible to overcook and always taste better the next day. Choose one for each season, keep it simple and make it your own.”

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  1. Great read. Do you know about the CT Dept of Ag program Farm to Chef?

  2. Yes I do. I'm on their mailing list … but I can't officially join since I have no professional culinary training or experience. Are you a member?

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