Did you know February is “National Snack Foods Month?” Well, Kitchen Gardeners International (KGI) doesn’t like the sound of that (and I have to agree). Listen, I like a chip or two or a dozen, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to celebrate junk food. It kind of gets enough attention as it is.

So, KGI is a nonprofit with another vision of what types of foods we should be promoting and is organizing a real food, counter-celebration – 20ate!

The 20ate Goals for February 2011:

  • 2800 participants tweeting and eating their way to cleaner consciences and colons (it’s true: real food=roughage).
  • 2800 new KGI fanpage members. Heck, let’s go for 28,000 and overtake the “Cheetos” page while we’re at it!
  • $2800 raised to help support food garden promotion in the US and abroad on World Kitchen Garden Day.

How can we help?

  • Opt-out of Snack Food Month by not buying processed snack foods or junk foods for the month of February and opt-in for real foods which taste better, make you feel better and often cost less when you make them yourself.
  • Sing your participation in the 20ate campaign from the rooftops on Twitter and Facebook using the #20ate hashtag.
  • “Like” KGI’s Facebook fanpage to help build their online presence.
  • Donate some of your savings from #1 to a healthy & sustainable food cause you’ve always wanted to support. KGI is currently raising funds for coordination of “World Kitchen Garden Day” (August 28th), food gardeners’ answer to Snack Food Month.
I’ll do my part to support 20ate and hope you’ll join in the fun. Plus, I’d love to know your favorite homemade snack recipes!

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