The Garden Goes …


I have officially put the vegetable garden to bed for the winter.
In fact, this photo is of me holding a single yellow pear tomato plant freshly removed from the garden. This plant was part of what I dubbed my “tomato jungle.” Yup, I think it was a happy plant.
So, how did the garden do when all is said and done? You’ll just have to read my final “From The Garden Plot” post of the season, now up on Local In Season
I’ll give you a hint … I’m already thinking about next year!
As a fun side note, my father has a friend who pickles green tomatoes. And let me tell you, his pickled green tomatoes are pure spicy, garlicky perfection. Thus, as I pulled out the tomato plants I carefully bagged all the green tomatoes. I cannot wait to taste a batch of his mixture made with my tomatoes!

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