Wild Wyoming!


I haven’t posted anything in a while. Where have I been you ask? Well, the husband and I just got back from a vacation/business trip to Wyoming!

Thanks to the world of social media, our plans for a vacation to Yellowstone National Park brought about a cool opportunity to visit Rocky Mountain Organic Meats ~ organic, grass-fed cattle ranch in Powell, WY.
I’ll be doing a series of posts and videos all about our trip but here’s a couple of highlights:
Rocky Mountain Organic Meats COO Rod Morrison is a man on a mission. He’s passionate about what he does and how he does it. Sustainability of the environment is vital to the sustainability of food production. I think we coined a new term too. He’s a francher: he grows alfalfa (farmer) which the cows he raises eat (rancher). In a nutshell his cows are healthy and sure seem happy. And I can tell you his product sure is delicious. For lack of a better vocabulary his beef, tastes well, more beefy.
Oh and did I mention we stayed on the ranch at a beautiful Japanese style cabin. The view was amazing, especially at sunrise. And the best part is that anyone can rent it out. You want to see the ranch, see the cows. Sure. Rod is happy to share not only his knowledge and product, but also welcomes people to see it first hand.
By the way, there also is a community vegetable garden on his property. Even though it was nearing the end of the growing season, things looked pretty plentiful. In fact, we brought some leeks, onions, beets and purple potatoes from the community garden to sell to Cafe Regis in Red Lodge, MT.
Cafe Regis co-owner Martha is a foodie powerhouse, passionate about quality food at an affordable price. At this bustling cafe quality means fresh food from scratch. Sustainability is a key part of Cafe Regis too. The cafe tries to source whatever it can locally (including Rocky Mountain Organic Meats for Burger Wednesday). This place is a little piece of heaven: greenhouse, veggie and edible flower gardens, solar powered swamp cooler, heirloom seeds and organic/local food products for sale. We had a fantastic brunch complete with some bold fair trade organic coffee – a special blend developed just for Cafe Regis. I highly recommend the Apple, Walnut and Cheese Omelette. Sweet, savory, crunchy = Delicious!
Well, I’m going to stop there for now. Hopefully, you want to hear more because I have a ton more to share about our trip. Stay tuned …

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