Read, Watch, Eat

Work has been busy lately, which is a good thing … but it’s also bad because it’s left me
slacking in my blogging duties. Here’s a quick round up of some neat things I stumbled across this week.

What Is Sustainable Agriculture book by SARE
From the intro: “Say the word “sustainable,” and most people in agriculture agree it means increased profits, sound stewardship of the air, water and soil, and improved quality of life for farming communities. But there are almost as many ways to achieve these goals as there are farms and ranches in America. “What is Sustainable Agriculture?” is an informative introduction to the widely varied landscape of sustainable agriculture. This 12-page publication provides a sampler of best practices—from marketing and community vitality to cover crops and grazing—as well as eight profiles of producers, educators and researchers who have successfully implemented them.”
I love the examples they share. It’s worth a read. And hey, the pdf version is free to download.

Grown In Detroit movie poster
Read about a documentary I definitely want to check out called Growing In Detroit.
It focuses on urban gardening efforts managed by a public high school of mainly pregnant and parenting teens. An awesome feature is that you can watch the it On Demand just by making a donation of ANY size.
Katonah Green website logo
I especially love this “warning” at the start of the list: “STOP! If you want to find the cheapest options available, don’t read any further! It is my fundamental belief that we create our health and influence the agricultural industry, and therefore the state of the planet with every purchase. If you want cheap food, plan on spending more on health care. Someone is paying for it no matter what. GO! If you want to find Farmer’s Markets, organic bargains, a great cup of joe, the best in green technology for your home or business, products to green your restaurant, natural health resources, local foods, local products, local services with heart and a mind for sustainability, read on!”
I’m sure there are more wonderful things I’m forgetting to share with you but these are some good highlights.

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