Grilled To Perfection … Almost!

We love to grill whenever we get the chance. Some things we have mastered, others need a little work. No matter what it’s always fun and nice to be outside.

Friday night: Surf + Turf
A huge piece of grass-fed sirloin from Rocky Mtn. Organic Meats seasoned with just salt & pepper. Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp (might be the last we have them for a while, but don’t get me started) marinated in garlic, olive oil, cayenne pepper and dried rosemary. On the side, spinach from Holbrook Farm Market dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette. Please take note: My husband was very proud of his grill marks on the steak.
Saturday night: Grilled Pizza
We have yet to perfect our technique for the dough, but this was certainly our best attempt yet. The toppings were primo! Grilled asparagus and sliced fresh tomato, both from Holbrook Farm Market, with smoked mozzarella from Mountain Products Smokehouse. Delicious.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: When you’re using fresh, local ingredients you don’t have to do much to whip up a delicious and easy dinner.
So, what’s on your grill?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I found my first asparagus this past weekend (not home grown, but grown by a local farmer) and am planning on putting them on the grill tonight. Sometimes, as you say, just the simplest is the best – the fresh fruit or veg plopped right down on the heat to bring out the flavors without anything else.
    Hooray for your husband getting the grill marks on the steak – I can't get grill marks on my veg!

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