On The Farm


In my area it seems every time I turn around there is a new residential development going in. This got my husband and a co-worker thinking. Sure there are plenty of developments with a golf course, but what other types of amenities could new housing developments revolve around. BAM! They had an idea: Why not a farm? Homeowners wouldn’t have to do the labor, but maybe as a part of the homeowners association fees it would include produce, etc. from the farm. I thought it sounded great!

Well, it seems their idea isn’t so far-fetched! Today on the Kitchen Gardeners International I read an article about this very kind of residential development!

“Forget the golf course. The hot new “amenity” being offered to residents of new subdivisions is a working farm. You don’t have to weed it (unless you want to), but you can have access to food that could not be more local and participate in a slice of vanishing farm life…”

According to the article, there are several of these projects underway throughout the US. I’m not necessarily a fan of development, but if it’s going to happen I like the idea of it potentially saving and using some farmland too. What do you think?

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