New Thoughts On An Older Movie


Yes I know this is an old movie, but I never thought about it like this before … so bear with me …

I happened to catch Wall-E on TV last night. I so like this movie. I mean who can resist a robot romance? Or a cute little robot that makes the characteristically Mac noise when it’s fully charged?

But, I digress…

Oddly enough this movie got me thinking about food and not just about the fact that Twinkies will pretty much last forever. Here’s what struck me:

1. Overweight, sedentary humans who subsist on nothing but “food in a cup” and have no idea what real food is or where it comes from. (yes, I know being in space impacts the body).
2. Our planet no longer being able to sustain life (except, of course, for cockroaches).

But right here on earth we are becoming this unhealthy, sedentary society who are disconnected from real food and where it comes from. And, in my opinion, we are doing things to mother nature that may soon lead to her/our demise.

It’s so important to reconnect ourselves to real food, to truly appreciate those who grow/raise it, and to be as sustainable as possible in what we do. It’s important to get our hands dirty – literally and figuratively.

How do you stay connected to food and nature?

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