National Nutrition Month


I know it’s nearly the middle of the month but better late than never …

March is National Nutrition Month.

And during National Nutrition Month, the American Dietetic Association wants to remind people “that an easy way to focus on eating better is to start with the basics: build your nutritional health from the ground up.”

In a press release from the ADA they suggested ways to do this. A personal favorite of mine was #2 on the list: Look locally: From farmer’s markets to community-supported agriculture, you have many options to find new, fresh foods in your area.

Ah yes, fresh foods. For me that’s at the heart of good nutrition: Eating real, unprocessed, whole and fresh foods. It’s that simple. (Of course sticking to that motto – not always so easy). But truly, it’s this concept that inspired me to produce The Natural Princess. When I become more conscious of what I was putting into my body and focused on avoiding processed ingredients I noticed a surge in my energy levels and an improvement in how I felt. That’s health from the ground up.

So, go ahead dig in to the whole grains, add an extra serving of fruit and veggies to your day, nosh on a handful of nuts. It’s all good.

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