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I am excited! Why?

Well, I had a veggie garden last year – sort of. It really was my mother’s garden and I was her helper; she did all the work. It was a moderate success and now it’s my turn. This year I am on my own. I shall embark on my first vegetable garden.

Adding to my excitement is that Local In Season has asked me to chronicle my adventure, or possibly misadventure, on their site. The column is called From The Garden Plot and my first entry is up today.

I hope you will follow along. I’ll need all the support and guidance I can get!

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  1. So happy for you! I am totally new at this, having done only a "half summer" (i.e. started in July) garden in 2008, and having total failure in 2009 (more or less) in part due to the weather, in part due to my ineptness. So I don't think I'll be much good in the advice department, but following along – well, can't wait! And maybe your experience can guide lots more newbie gardeners.

  2. Glad to know I am not alone in my not-so-green-thumbness! I figure if I can get just a handful of things from the garden it's a success. Good or bad, it's going to be fun to share my experience.

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