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If you read this blog you probably are familiar with the virtues of organic food and farming. Well, yesterday I was reminded of my trip to Switzerland after watching a new video on Organic Nation TV about biodynamic farming. Founded by Rudolf Steiner, biodynamic farming is considered one of the initial forms of and significant contributors to the development of modern organic farming. In a nutshell, biodynamic farming goes a step beyond organic to create a closed-loop system of soil maintenance using cover crops, manure and herbal composts. Focused on balance and healing it looks at the farm as a living, breathing organism.

What Is Biodynamic Farming? from OrganicNation on Vimeo.

Closer to home, off the top of my head, I read that Warrups Farm in Redding is a certified organic farm that also employs many biodynamic practices. Also, Woodbridge Farm in Salem, CT is a certified biodynamic farm. If you know of any other local farms using biodynamics please add them in the comments section.

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  1. can we organize a tour of these farms this summer?

  2. I'd never heard of biodynamic farming. Thanks for pointing out the farms in our area that take part in that process. Organic farming, too, has a lot going for it. I'm happy that local farmers are starting to consider these practices. I know George Hall Farm is an organic farm, but I don't think they are certified. Maybe something to help with the cost-perception of certification and checks would help more people consider it.

    I'll have to check out the farms you listed – it'd be great to make a trip out there this summer to take a look.

  3. I think a visit to Woodbridge Farm would be especially fun!

    There are a lot certified organic farms in the area, and lots that may not be certified but still adhere to the practices. It's a great example of why you should get to know your farmers and ask them about this kind of thing.

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