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I’m always feel like I am the last to know …

But the other day I learned about a fun program designed to help promote local wine: The Passport to Connecticut Farm Wineries Program. Yes, they make wine in Connecticut. The program runs until the end of November so I suppose I have a lot of catching up to do. Well, at the very least I will make a mental note to get my “passport” next year.

Here’s the 411 about the program:

The Passport to Connecticut Farm Wineries Program, sponsored by the Connecticut Farm Wine Development Council and administered by the state Department of Agriculture, runs annually from May until November and challenges residents and tourists to visit at least 14 Connecticut farm wineries. Passports bearing at least 14 different visit stamps at the end of the season are eligible to be entered into a random drawing for a two-week vacation for two in Spain. Two vacations for two are awarded each year. (No purchase is required during visits to qualify.)

According to the CT Dept. of Ag., wine making is a relatively new, but quickly growing, industry in the state. The first farm winery, Haight-Brown Vineyard in Litchfield, opened in 1975. This year, the state boasts 30 licensed farm wineries, each making between three and 14 different wines. Several include specialty fruit wines and hard ciders in their product lines. (Personal note: If you haven’t had hard cider before, I highly recommend it.)

For a complete listing of vineyards and wineries in Connecticut, and for more information about the Passport to Connecticut Farm Wineries Program visit the CT Dept. of Ag. website or click here to download the brochure.

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  1. A friend and I did the trail this year and entered our Passports. Very clever on their part because far from feeling "done," we want to return to a number of the wineries and visit the remaining ones we missed. There are many noteworthy wines in this state, well worth the taste. If you're interested in our adventures, see http://www.latebloomersfarm.com/index.php/passport-ct-wine-trail/

  2. Very cool! I just check out your blog. We only have visited McLaughlin Vineyard and Hopkins Vineyard. I'm eager to visit others. Are there any you liked best?

  3. McLaughlin will always be my favorite…I like the wine and it's the closest to home. That said, I'm really enjoying Jerram's Mareshal Foch lately. Miranda and Sunset Meadows have excellent wines and they're close to each other.

    Where are you located?

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