Mapping It Out


Above: The Contiguous United States visualized by distance to the nearest McDonalds

Yesterday my twitter friend @Earthnik tweeted a link to this map. Holy crap was literally the first thing that came to my mind.

My husband pointed out that with such high concentrations, especially on the east coast, it looks like this is a map of a disease that’s spreading across the country. It kind of is, isn’t it?

People no longer should wonder why obesity, diabetes, and a slew of other health issues are a serious and rising concern in this country. Not to mention the issues of factory farms, etc. because after all it begs the questions: what’s in this “food” and where’s it all coming from? And this map is only for McDonalds locations. Can you imagine what it would look like if it included other fast food chains?

Fast food is invading pretty much everywhere and that makes for a scary picture.

What’s your reaction to the map? What can we do to change the picture?

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