A Garden Anywhere!


Urban gardens: rooftops, containers, community patches … anywhere, everywhere! The resurgence in gardening, and especially in urban areas, has gotten a lot of wonderful publicity this summer. It’s always exciting to see what can be done in a small amount of space.

Today, I saw a little piece of inspiration. Tucked between a bike shop and a used car/car repair business I saw a garden with towering tomato plants, sprawling squash plants, and leafy basil plants.

It’s not really “pretty” in that traditional sense … sandwiched between an air conditioning unit next to a brick building, flanked by a paved parking lot, and overrun with tufts of grass. You know what, it doesn’t matter. To me it is a beautiful thing.

Someone had the forethought to grow something in this little swath of dirt and grass. This garden is loved and from the looks of it, it loves back.

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