What Can I Do With …


Is there an ingredient at the farm market that you never buy because you’re just not sure what to do with it? Or do you need new ideas for how to make the “same old” veggie? I recently posed this question to my Facebook friends and fans of The Natural Princess.

Part of eating seasonally and locally – from the weekly CSA box or from the weekly farmers market – means getting acquainted with new ingredients and figuring out ways to jazz up old standbys. Let’s face it when the garden is overrun with say zucchini you’ve got to get creative or you’ll surely hear about it.So far I’ve gotten two responses:

From a farmer friend: “radishes, besides in salads raw, what else can you make with them so people really want them!!!”

From my niece: “Mom says Lima Beans should be nuked off the face of the earth…do an episode on them to prove that they aren’t that bad.”

What are your ingredient conundrums or bright ideas? Let’s use the comment section of this blog post to get the discussion and recipes flowing.

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