Eric Schlosser on The Colbert Report


Eric Schlosser, co-producer of the upcoming movie Food, Inc., appeared on The Colbert Report last night. The conservative Colbert persona was in full effect and it was fantastic fun.

Some of my favorite sound bites:

“…You want to sit down and force feed me kale.”

“…I’m hoping I can eat enough genetically modified corn that I get super powers.”

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Eric Schlosser
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On a more serious note:
Discussion of factory farming and the corporatization of our food system was bound to get some knickers in a twist. In fact, Monsanto has launched a website in response to the movie. Then, on one of the food politics blogs I read regularly, La Vida Locavore, blogger and author Jill Richardson has written a rebuttal to Monsanto’s rebuttal. It’s a good read.

The politics of food can be overwhelming. (I admit my head often spins.) For me, on a basic level, I just hope more people become interested in our food system, its problems, and ways to improve it. Movies such as Food, Inc. are a wonderful way to increase awareness and I for one can’t wait to see it.

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