Movie Time: The World According To Monsanto


During my leisurely Sunday morning whilst savoring my cup of fair-trade coffee and flipping TV channels – I found myself riveted to the screen. Why? The Sundance Channel was showing The World According To Monsanto. IT IS A MUST SEE!

This documentary by filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin explores how Monsanto, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, is working to dominate the agricultural industry. In essence, it appears they are in the business of “owning food, all food” as we know it. The documentary paints a grim picture for what this means for us and our planet. Monsanto is responsible for Bovine Growth Hormone and genetically-engineered crops. Oh, and don’t forget they also created Agent Orange.

You can try to catch it on TV, or order the DVD or watch it online.

On a side note, yet a related one, this morning I just happened to discover a great poster by Yes! magazine about what happens when corporations rule our food.

With this frightening future of food in my head, I ask: What can we do about it? Can we stop it? Speaking out against GMO, informing more people about the issue, and increasing demand for organic/non-GMO foods is all part of fighting back. Is it enough? I hope so. At the very least it’s worth putting up a good fight. What are your ideas?

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