Ready, Set, Go … My Veggie Garden


This past weekend in CT was gorgeous! It was the perfect time to prep my first veggie garden! Since I do not have much of a green thumb I have enlisted the help of my mother and together we are going to make a go of it.

We’ve decided to use a combination of containers on the patio and some terraced flower beds bordering the patio. We fenced in the beds and put in organic soil and compost.

Our ever evolving list of what to plant, so far, includes tomatoes, zucchini, pole or string beans, some type of lettuce and swiss chard. In the fall we’ll plant garlic to have for next year.

Of course, we always plant various herbs. In fact, the chives are already out of control. They always grow faster than we can eat them! Other herbs to be planted around the flower gardens and in containers will be basil, oregano, rosemary, flat-leaf parsley, and thyme. I also want to give cilantro another try. Last year it started out fine but didn’t make it. Don’t know what I did wrong. As I’ve said I don’t have much of a green thumb. (That’s why mom is pitching in!)

Oh, and my aunt Susie gave my mom some strawberry plants. I think those will go in containers too on the patio.

Okay, I think that sums up my weekend and our garden plans. We’re ready to go. What a nice change of pace to spend quality time outdoors!

If any of you have tips to make our garden grow – please share!

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