So You Say You Want A Revolution…

Photo credit: The White House / Joyce N. Boghosian

Lots of discussion in the news recently about organic, local food. Here are a few highlights with my initial reactions.

NYTimes article “Is A Food Revolution Now In Season?”
I think we’re at the starting line and there’s a long winding road ahead of us. The fact that it’s been on the news and in the public eye more than ever is wonderful. All change starts with a dream. I dream of a change in farm policy and federal funding that encourages crop diversity, supports small farms, and local food enterprises, and rewards sustainable practices. Changes to food policy will no doubt take time and there are some image issues “the movement” needs to address (like it’s elitist and too expensive – it’s not, but the media still portray it as such – don’t get me started). But, yes, a revolution is underway or at least I certainly hope so.

NYTimes article “Eating Food That’s Better for You, Organic or Not
The US has become a nation of processed food, convenience food junkies. People have become disconnected from real, whole food. Buying local and organic is fantastic, but it’s not realistic to think everyone can follow that plan. Fine. Understandable. But as a nation, we need to start eating healthier – organic or not. Less processed food, less sugar. More fruits, more vegetables.

White House Kitchen Garden
Yup, they are doing it! Last Friday Michelle Obama and two dozen local students broke ground on the White House Kitchen Garden on the South Lawn of the White House. And yes, the garden is going to be organic. Take a look at the layout. It’ll provide food for the first family’s meals and formal dinners and (more importantly) it’ll be a way to educate people about healthful, locally grown produce. Yes, it’s a symbol. Hopefully, it’s also more. Hopefully, it’s a discussion starter and a constant reminder that our nation’s approach to food and agriculture needs to change.

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