Locavore App


I have just found my new favorite iPhone app. It’s called Locavore.

Some really cool features are:

  • Auto-detects what state your in (only covers the US)
  • Tells you food that’s in season near you
  • Tells you food that’s coming into season near you
  • Gives you farmer’s markets near you
  • Links to Wikipedia articles and recipes at Epicurious

Once it locates where you are, it shows you fruits and veggies currently in season (info provided by the National Resources Defense Council). Next to each fruit or vegetable is a pie-chart looking icon. The icon indicates how much longer the item will be in season. A red wedge means that item will only be in season for a short time longer. A large green wedge means that item will be in season for a while. You can tap on Markets to see what farmer’s markets are nearby (info provided by Local Harvest). You can search by ingredient and it’ll give you a map of the US where that item is currently in season. You can also just search for what’s in season by state.

As one review pointed out though the data isn’t 100% accurate. Who knows that the season may bring – items may be ready one or two weeks earlier or later than usual.

I need to play with the app a bit more, but overall I give it two thumbs up. And, no, it’s not a free app, but it definitely seems worth the $2.99. Although, that’s just an introductory sale price for the first 1,000 downloads. Better get yours today!

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