Yes, In Your Backyard


Today, almost by mistake, I stumbled upon a wonderful website called Cooking Up A Story. This video in particular caught my eye. It’s about two woman in Oregon with a brilliant “why-didn’t -I-think-of-that” business called Your Backyard Farmer. They build backyard “mini-farms” for homeowners who want to grow their own food! How fantastic! What you may see as just a yard, they see as wasted potential.

I don’t have much of a green thumb and just recently was debating if I should attempt to create my own home vegetable garden next year. All the work to create raised beds, bring in organic soil/mulch, and plant everything … just the thought of it overwhelms me. If only I lived in the Oregon so they could create a “mini-farm” in my backyard. Guess I’ll just have to attempt it on my own.

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