Fast Food Spreading Fast


Not surprisingly, I am not a fan of fast food; and, one thing I hate to see is the spread of American fast food habits across the world. When I saw a New York Times headline “Fast Food Hits Mediterranean; a Diet Succumbs” I had to read on. (There’s also a podcast with the article’s author.)

With eating habits on the decline, many European countries now are facing the same health problems that face America: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Maybe I am biased having grown up in a somewhat “old world” northern Italian household, but fast food just doesn’t compare to home cooked meals filled with fresh produce and, of course, olive oil. For me, having fast food was a very rare occurrence.

I think the issue may be broader than food. To echo one person’s comment on the article “fast food comes from a fast life”. It may not be solely our fast food habits that are spreading, but also our fast-paced and harried American lifestyle. My take on the issue can be summed up as simply, “Slow Down.” We cannot forget to create balance on our plates and in our lives.

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